Hello there.

First post… here we go!

This is totally not my first attempt at a blog, and to be honest, probably not my last!  Odds are, I’ll get bored or lazy, and this blog will just be floating around aimlessly on the web, stuck in time…  The thing with me is, I don’t care!  When I get an idea, I go for it!  I had the urge to begin a parrot blog and instead of wasting time on over-thinking this project, I said what the heck…I’m gonna do it!  I’m gonna give it my best shot and hope it turns out to be something that makes me and my birdies proud.  Or, at least entertains me for a while.  Ha.

So, who is this crazy bird lady, you ask?  My name is Abby, I’m nineteen years old and from the southwest area of Ohio.  I currently work a part-time job at a used book and media store.

I have two fids (fids = feathered kids).  Digby is a three-year-old male Congo African Grey, and Cleo is a fifteen-year-old female Umbrella Cockatoo.  They are my world and I cannot imagine life without them.

Although I’ve had various birds in the past, and although Digby and Cleo have had various owners before, we are united now and our lives together is what this blog is all about!  Hope you enjoy.